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OpenThread is an open source implementation of the Thread 1.0.1 Final Specification.
The Thread 1.0.1 Final Specification is promulgated by the Thread Group. The Thread
Group is a non-profit organization formed for the purposes of defining one or
more specifications, best practices, reference architectures, implementation
guidelines and certification programs to promote the availability of compliant
implementations of the Thread protocol. Information on becoming a Member, including
information about the benefits thereof, can be found at
OpenThread is not affiliated with or endorsed by the Thread Group. Implementation
of this OpenThread code does not assure compliance with the Thread 1.0.1 Final
Specification and does not convey the right to identify any final product as Thread
certified. Members of the Thread Group may hold patents and other intellectual
property rights relating to the Thread 1.0.1 Final Specification, ownership and
licenses of which are subject to the Thread Groups IP Policies, and not this license.
The included copyright to the OpenThread code is subject to the license in the
LICENSE file, and all other rights and licenses are expressly reserved.
No warranty or assurance is made with respect to additional rights that may be
required to implement this code.