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# folders in the msvc projects
# mode==flat : headers and ourses in no folders
# mode==split : standard behavior of cmake, split headers and sources
# mode== <other values" : code is in this folder
macro(project_source_group mode sources headers)
#message(STATUS ${mode})
#message(STATUS ${sources} ${headers})
if(${mode} MATCHES "flat")
source_group("Source Files" Files)
source_group("Header Files" Files)
source_group("cmake" FILES CMakeLists.txt)
else(${mode} MATCHES "flat")
if(NOT ${mode} MATCHES "split")
source_group("${mode}" FILES ${${sources}} ${${headers}})
endif(NOT ${mode} MATCHES "split")
endif(${mode} MATCHES "flat")
endmacro(project_source_group mode sources headers)