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* linux/arch/alpha/kernel/err_impl.h
* Copyright (C) 2000 Jeff Wiedemeier (Compaq Computer Corporation)
* Contains declarations and macros to support Alpha error handling
* implementations.
#include <asm/mce.h>
union el_timestamp;
struct el_subpacket;
struct ev7_lf_subpackets;
struct el_subpacket_annotation {
struct el_subpacket_annotation *next;
u16 class;
u16 type;
u16 revision;
char *description;
char **annotation;
#define SUBPACKET_ANNOTATION(c, t, r, d, a) {NULL, (c), (t), (r), (d), (a)}
struct el_subpacket_handler {
struct el_subpacket_handler *next;
u16 class;
struct el_subpacket *(*handler)(struct el_subpacket *);
#define SUBPACKET_HANDLER_INIT(c, h) {NULL, (c), (h)}
* Manipulate a field from a register given it's name. defines
* for the LSB (__S - shift count) and bitmask (__M) are required
* EXTRACT(u, f) - extracts the field and places it at bit position 0
* GEN_MASK(f) - creates an in-position mask for the field
#define EXTRACT(u, f) (((u) >> f##__S) & f##__M)
#define GEN_MASK(f) ((u64)f##__M << f##__S)
* err_common.c
extern char *err_print_prefix;
extern void mchk_dump_mem(void *, size_t, char **);
extern void mchk_dump_logout_frame(struct el_common *);
extern void el_print_timestamp(union el_timestamp *);
extern void el_process_subpackets(struct el_subpacket *, int);
extern struct el_subpacket *el_process_subpacket(struct el_subpacket *);
extern void el_annotate_subpacket(struct el_subpacket *);
extern void cdl_check_console_data_log(void);
extern int cdl_register_subpacket_annotation(struct el_subpacket_annotation *);
extern int cdl_register_subpacket_handler(struct el_subpacket_handler *);
* err_ev7.c
extern struct ev7_lf_subpackets *
ev7_collect_logout_frame_subpackets(struct el_subpacket *,
struct ev7_lf_subpackets *);
extern void ev7_register_error_handlers(void);
extern void ev7_machine_check(unsigned long, unsigned long);
* err_ev6.c
extern void ev6_register_error_handlers(void);
extern int ev6_process_logout_frame(struct el_common *, int);
extern void ev6_machine_check(unsigned long, unsigned long);
* err_marvel.c
extern void marvel_machine_check(unsigned long, unsigned long);
extern void marvel_register_error_handlers(void);
* err_titan.c
extern int titan_process_logout_frame(struct el_common *, int);
extern void titan_machine_check(unsigned long, unsigned long);
extern void titan_register_error_handlers(void);
extern int privateer_process_logout_frame(struct el_common *, int);
extern void privateer_machine_check(unsigned long, unsigned long);