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AM_CPPFLAGS = -include $(top_builddir)/config.h -I$(top_srcdir)/include \
AM_CFLAGS = -fsigned-char
# Automake (at least up to 1.10) mishandles dist_man_MANS inside conditionals.
# Unlike with other dist primaries, the files are not distributed if the
# conditional is false.
# Work the bug around until it is fixed:
dist_noinst_DATA = $(dist_man_MANS)
# Paths to in-tree libraries (use ul_ prefix to avoid possible collisions)
# blkid
ul_libblkid_srcdir = $(top_srcdir)/shlibs/blkid/src
ul_libblkid_builddir = $(top_builddir)/shlibs/blkid/src
ul_libblkid_la = $(top_builddir)/shlibs/blkid/src/
# blkid.h is generated by ./configure script and stored in build directory
ul_libblkid_incdir = $(ul_libblkid_builddir)
$(MAKE) -C $(ul_libblkid_builddir)
# uuid
ul_libuuid_srcdir = $(top_srcdir)/shlibs/uuid/src
ul_libuuid_builddir = $(top_builddir)/shlibs/uuid/src
ul_libuuid_la = $(top_builddir)/shlibs/uuid/src/
$(MAKE) -C $(ul_libuuid_builddir)