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#include <stdint.h>
#include "bitops.h"
* Copyright (C) Andreas Neuper, Sep 1998.
* This file may be modified and redistributed under
* the terms of the GNU Public License.
struct device_parameter { /* 48 bytes */
unsigned char skew;
unsigned char gap1;
unsigned char gap2;
unsigned char sparecyl;
unsigned short pcylcount;
unsigned short head_vol0;
unsigned short ntrks; /* tracks in cyl 0 or vol 0 */
unsigned char cmd_tag_queue_depth;
unsigned char unused0;
unsigned short unused1;
unsigned short nsect; /* sectors/tracks in cyl 0 or vol 0 */
unsigned short bytes;
unsigned short ilfact;
unsigned int flags; /* controller flags */
unsigned int datarate;
unsigned int retries_on_error;
unsigned int ms_per_word;
unsigned short xylogics_gap1;
unsigned short xylogics_syncdelay;
unsigned short xylogics_readdelay;
unsigned short xylogics_gap2;
unsigned short xylogics_readgate;
unsigned short xylogics_writecont;
#define SGI_VOLHDR 0x00
/* 1 and 2 were used for drive types no longer supported by SGI */
#define SGI_SWAP 0x03
/* 4 and 5 were for filesystem types SGI haven't ever supported on MIPS CPUs */
#define SGI_VOLUME 0x06
#define SGI_EFS 0x07
#define SGI_LVOL 0x08
#define SGI_RLVOL 0x09
#define SGI_XFS 0x0a
#define SGI_XFSLOG 0x0b
#define SGI_XLV 0x0c
#define SGI_XVM 0x0d
* controller flags
#define SECTOR_SLIP 0x01
#define SECTOR_FWD 0x02
#define TRACK_FWD 0x04
#define TRACK_MULTIVOL 0x08
#define IGNORE_ERRORS 0x10
#define RESEEK 0x20
#define CMDTAGQ_ENABLE 0x40
typedef struct {
unsigned int magic; /* expect SGI_LABEL_MAGIC */
unsigned short boot_part; /* active boot partition */
unsigned short swap_part; /* active swap partition */
unsigned char boot_file[16]; /* name of the bootfile */
struct device_parameter devparam; /* 1 * 48 bytes */
struct volume_directory { /* 15 * 16 bytes */
unsigned char vol_file_name[8]; /* a character array */
unsigned int vol_file_start; /* number of logical block */
unsigned int vol_file_size; /* number of bytes */
} directory[15];
struct sgi_partition { /* 16 * 12 bytes */
unsigned int num_sectors; /* number of blocks */
unsigned int start_sector; /* must be cylinder aligned */
unsigned int id;
} partitions[16];
unsigned int csum;
unsigned int fillbytes;
} sgi_partition;
typedef struct {
unsigned int magic; /* looks like a magic number */
unsigned int a2;
unsigned int a3;
unsigned int a4;
unsigned int b1;
unsigned short b2;
unsigned short b3;
unsigned int c[16];
unsigned short d[3];
unsigned char scsi_string[50];
unsigned char serial[137];
unsigned short check1816;
unsigned char installer[225];
} sgiinfo;
#define SGI_LABEL_MAGIC 0x0be5a941
#define SGI_LABEL_MAGIC_SWAPPED 0x41a9e50b
#define SGI_INFO_MAGIC 0x00072959
#define SGI_INFO_MAGIC_SWAPPED 0x59290700
#define SSWAP16(x) (other_endian ? swab16(x) : (uint16_t)(x))
#define SSWAP32(x) (other_endian ? swab32(x) : (uint32_t)(x))
/* fdisk.c */
#define sgilabel ((sgi_partition *)MBRbuffer)
#define sgiparam (sgilabel->devparam)
/* fdisksgilabel.c */
extern struct systypes sgi_sys_types[];
extern void sgi_nolabel( void );
extern int check_sgi_label( void );
extern void sgi_list_table( int xtra );
extern int sgi_change_sysid( int i, int sys );
extern unsigned int sgi_get_start_sector( int i );
extern unsigned int sgi_get_num_sectors( int i );
extern int sgi_get_sysid( int i );
extern void sgi_delete_partition( int i );
extern void sgi_add_partition( int n, int sys );
extern void create_sgilabel( void );
extern void create_sgiinfo( void );
extern int verify_sgi( int verbose );
extern void sgi_write_table( void );
extern void sgi_set_ilfact( void );
extern void sgi_set_rspeed( void );
extern void sgi_set_pcylcount( void );
extern void sgi_set_xcyl( void );
extern void sgi_set_ncyl( void );
extern void sgi_set_bootpartition( int i );
extern void sgi_set_swappartition( int i );
extern int sgi_get_bootpartition( void );
extern int sgi_get_swappartition( void );
extern void sgi_set_bootfile( const char* aFile );
extern const char *sgi_get_bootfile( void );
#endif /* FDISK_SGI_LABEL_H */