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@(#) README 1.8 9/1/91 23:32:37
This is a SYSV/SunOS4 getty program with useful features for hardwired
and dial-in tty lines.
- The program adapts the tty modes to parity bits and to erase, kill
end-of-line and upper-case characters when it reads a login name.
- The baud rate can be established by BREAK character processing and by
parsing the CONNECT status messages from Hayes-compatible modems.
Other features: RTS/CTS flow control (SunOS4, suggested by John Harkin,
<>), alternate login program, does not use /etc/gettytab
or /etc/gettydefs.
The program works without modification under System V release 2 and
SunOS 4.1/4.1.1. It probably also works with later System V releases.
In the Makefile you will have to specify whether diagnostics should be
reported through the syslog daemon; the alternative is that all error
reports go directly to /dev/console.
The command-line interface was cleaned up a bit; it is slightly
incompatible with earlier agetty versions.
Wietse Venema (