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RedHat and SuSE take the program reset from ncurses,
where reset is a name for the program tset.
It is approximately equivalent to
stty sane; tputs rs1; tputs rs2; tputs rf
with `tputs rf' replaced by `tputs if' when there is an
init_file but no reset_file. In the comments it wonders
whether also sending rs3, rmacs, rmul, rmm might be a good idea.
Slackware uses the small script given here.
The part `echo -e \\033c' is the canonical reset of the kernel
console status, and is equivalent to `tputs rs1' for a linux
So, both versions are approximately the same.
[A disadvantage of `echo -e \\033c' might be that it is potentially
wrong on a non-vt100, non-xterm, non-linux terminal.
An advantage is that there are terminfo entries for xterm around
that only use rs1=^O as reset, and then \Ec is much better.]