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; This file requires NASM 0.97+ to assemble
; Currently used only for djgpp + DOS4GW targets
; these sizes MUST be equal to the sizes in PKTDRVR.H
%define ETH_MTU 1500 ; max data size on Ethernet
%define ETH_MIN 60 ; min/max total frame size
%define ETH_MAX (ETH_MTU+2*6+2)
%define NUM_RX_BUF 32 ; # of RX element buffers
%define RX_SIZE (ETH_MAX+6) ; sizeof(RX_ELEMENT) = 1514+6
%idefine offset
.firstCount resw 1 ; # of bytes on 1st call
.secondCount resw 1 ; # of bytes on 2nd call
.handle resw 1 ; handle for upcall
; .timeStamp resw 4 ; 64-bit RDTSC value
.destinAdr resb 6 ; packet destination address
.sourceAdr resb 6 ; packet source address
.protocol resw 1 ; packet protocol number
.rxBuffer resb ETH_MTU ; RX buffer
[org 0] ; assemble to .bin file
_rxOutOfs dw offset _pktRxBuf ; ring buffer offsets
_rxInOfs dw offset _pktRxBuf ; into _pktRxBuf
_pktDrop dw 0,0 ; packet drop counter
_pktTemp resb 20 ; temp work area
_pktTxBuf resb (ETH_MAX) ; TX buffer
_pktRxBuf resb (RX_SIZE*NUM_RX_BUF) ; RX structures
LAST_OFS equ $
screenSeg dw 0B800h
newInOffset dw 0
fanChars db '-\|/'
fanIndex dw 0
%macro SHOW_RX 0
push es
push bx
mov bx, [screenSeg]
mov es, bx ;; r-mode segment of colour screen
mov di, 158 ;; upper right corner - 1
mov bx, [fanIndex]
mov al, [fanChars+bx] ;; get write char
mov ah, 15 ;; and white colour
cld ;; Needed?
stosw ;; write to screen at ES:EDI
inc word [fanIndex] ;; update next index
and word [fanIndex], 3
pop bx
pop es
; rdtsc
; mov [si].timeStamp, eax
; mov [si+4].timeStamp, edx
; ret
; This routine gets called by the packet driver twice:
; 1st time (AX=0) it requests an address where to put the packet
; 2nd time (AX=1) the packet has been copied to this location (DS:SI)
; BX has client handle (stored in RX_ELEMENT.handle).
; CX has # of bytes in packet on both call. They should be equal.
; A test for equality is done by putting CX in _pktRxBuf [n].firstCount
; and _pktRxBuf[n].secondCount, and CL on first call in
; _pktRxBuf[n].rxBuffer[CX]. These values are checked in "PktReceive"
cli ; no distraction wanted !
push ds
push bx
mov bx, cs
mov ds, bx
mov es, bx ; ES = DS = CS or seg _DATA
pop bx ; restore handle
cmp ax, 0 ; first call? (AX=0)
jne @post ; AX=1: second call, do post process
%ifdef DEBUG
SHOW_RX ; show that a packet is received
cmp cx, ETH_MAX ; size OK ?
ja @skip ; no, too big
mov ax, [_rxInOfs]
add ax, RX_SIZE
cmp ax, LAST_OFS
jb @noWrap
mov ax, offset _pktRxBuf
cmp ax, [_rxOutOfs]
je @dump
mov di, [_rxInOfs] ; ES:DI -> _pktRxBuf[n]
mov [newInOffset], ax
mov [di], cx ; remember firstCount.
mov [di+4], bx ; remember handle.
add di, 6 ; ES:DI -> _pktRxBuf[n].destinAdr
pop ds
retf ; far return to driver with ES:DI
@dump: add word [_pktDrop+0], 1 ; discard the packet on 1st call
adc word [_pktDrop+2], 0 ; increment packets lost
@skip: xor di, di ; return ES:DI = NIL pointer
xor ax, ax
mov es, ax
pop ds
@post: or si, si ; DS:SI->_pktRxBuf[n][n].destinAdr
jz @discard ; make sure we don't use NULL-pointer
; push si
; call bpf_filter_match ; run the filter here some day
; pop si
; cmp ax, 0
; je @discard
mov [si-6+2], cx ; store _pktRxBuf[n].secondCount
mov ax, [newInOffset]
mov [_rxInOfs], ax ; update _pktRxBuf input offset
; call PutTimeStamp
pop ds
_pktRxEnd db 0 ; marker for end of r-mode code/data