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This is an alpha release version of oprofile, a transparent
low-overhead system-wide profiler.
You can find some documentation in the doc/ directory.
Please visit the oprofile website at :
oprofile was written by John Levon <>
and Philippe Elie <>.
Maynard Johnson <> is the current maintainer.
Dave Jones <> provided bug fixes and support for
the AMD Athlon, and AMD Hammer families of CPUs.
Bob Montgomery <> provided bug fixes, the initial RTC
driver and the initial ia64 driver.
Will Cohen <> integrated the ia64 driver into the
oprofile release, and contributed bug fixes and several cleanups.
Graydon Hoare <> provided P4 port, bug fixes and cleanups.
Ralf Baechle <> provided the MIPS port.
Other contributors are listed in the ChangeLog.
Please read the installation instructions in doc/oprofile.html or
Quick start :
(If using git: ./ first. You need automake 1.5 or higher. You
can specify a different version, e.g.
ACLOCAL=aclocal-1.5 AUTOMAKE=automake-1.5 AUTOCONF=autoconf-2.13 AUTOHEADER=autoheader-2.13 ./
2.4 kernels
./configure --with-linux=/path/to/kernel/source
2.6 kernels
./configure --with-kernel-support