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* @file opannotate_options.cpp
* Options for opannotate tool
* @remark Copyright 2003 OProfile authors
* @remark Read the file COPYING
* @author John Levon
* @author Philippe Elie
#include <cstdlib>
#include <vector>
#include <list>
#include <iterator>
#include <iostream>
#include <cstdlib>
#include "profile_spec.h"
#include "arrange_profiles.h"
#include "op_exception.h"
#include "opannotate_options.h"
#include "popt_options.h"
#include "cverb.h"
using namespace std;
profile_classes classes;
namespace options {
demangle_type demangle = dmt_normal;
string output_dir;
vector<string> search_dirs;
vector<string> base_dirs;
merge_option merge_by;
path_filter file_filter;
string_filter symbol_filter;
bool source;
bool assembly;
vector<string> objdump_params;
bool exclude_dependent;
namespace {
string include_symbols;
string exclude_symbols;
string include_file;
string exclude_file;
string demangle_option = "normal";
vector<string> mergespec;
popt::option options_array[] = {
popt::option(demangle_option, "demangle", 'D',
"demangle GNU C++ symbol names (default normal)",
popt::option(options::output_dir, "output-dir", 'o',
"output directory", "directory name"),
popt::option(options::search_dirs, "search-dirs", 'd',
"directories to look for source files", "comma-separated paths"),
popt::option(options::base_dirs, "base-dirs", 'b',
"source file prefixes to strip", "comma-separated paths"),
popt::option(include_file, "include-file", '\0',
"include these comma separated filename", "filenames"),
popt::option(exclude_file, "exclude-file", '\0',
"exclude these comma separated filename", "filenames"),
popt::option(include_symbols, "include-symbols", 'i',
"include these comma separated symbols", "symbols"),
popt::option(exclude_symbols, "exclude-symbols", 'e',
"exclude these comma separated symbols", "symbols"),
popt::option(options::objdump_params, "objdump-params", '\0',
"additional params to pass to objdump", "parameters"),
popt::option(options::exclude_dependent, "exclude-dependent", 'x',
"exclude libs, kernel, and module samples for applications"),
popt::option(mergespec, "merge", 'm',
"comma separated list", "cpu,tid,tgid,unitmask,all"),
popt::option(options::source, "source", 's', "output source"),
popt::option(options::assembly, "assembly", 'a', "output assembly"),
popt::option(options::threshold_opt, "threshold", 't',
"minimum percentage needed to produce output",
} // anonymous namespace
void handle_options(options::spec const & spec)
using namespace options;
if (spec.first.size()) {
cerr << "differential profiles not allowed" << endl;
if (!assembly && !source) {
cerr << "you must specify at least --source or --assembly\n";
if (!objdump_params.empty() && !assembly) {
cerr << "--objdump-params is meaningless without --assembly\n";
if (search_dirs.empty() && !base_dirs.empty()) {
cerr << "--base-dirs is useless unless you specify an "
"alternative source location with --search-dirs"
<< endl;
if (assembly && !output_dir.empty()) {
cerr << "--output-dir is meaningless with --assembly" << endl;
options::symbol_filter = string_filter(include_symbols, exclude_symbols);
options::file_filter = path_filter(include_file, exclude_file);
profile_spec const pspec =
profile_spec::create(spec.common, options::image_path,
list<string> sample_files = pspec.generate_file_list(exclude_dependent, true);
cverb << vsfile << "Archive: " << pspec.get_archive_path() << endl;
cverb << vsfile << "Matched sample files: " << sample_files.size()
<< endl;
copy(sample_files.begin(), sample_files.end(),
ostream_iterator<string>(cverb << vsfile, "\n"));
demangle = handle_demangle_option(demangle_option);
// we always merge but this have no effect on output since at source
// or assembly point of view the result will be merged anyway
merge_by = handle_merge_option(mergespec, false, exclude_dependent);
classes = arrange_profiles(sample_files, merge_by,
cverb << vsfile << "profile_classes:\n" << classes << endl;
if (classes.v.empty()) {
cerr << "error: no sample files found: profile specification "
"too strict ?" << endl;