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C6X PLL Clock Controllers
This is a first-cut support for the SoC clock controllers. This is still
under development and will probably change as the common device tree
clock support is added to the kernel.
Required properties:
- compatible: "ti,c64x+pll"
May also have SoC-specific value to support SoC-specific initialization
in the driver. One of:
- reg: base address and size of register area
- clock-frequency: input clock frequency in hz
Optional properties:
- ti,c64x+pll-bypass-delay: CPU cycles to delay when entering bypass mode
- ti,c64x+pll-reset-delay: CPU cycles to delay after PLL reset
- ti,c64x+pll-lock-delay: CPU cycles to delay after PLL frequency change
clock-controller@29a0000 {
compatible = "ti,c6472-pll", "ti,c64x+pll";
reg = <0x029a0000 0x200>;
clock-frequency = <25000000>;
ti,c64x+pll-bypass-delay = <200>;
ti,c64x+pll-reset-delay = <12000>;
ti,c64x+pll-lock-delay = <80000>;