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External Memory Interface
The emifa node describes a simple external bus controller found on some C6X
SoCs. This interface provides external busses with a number of chip selects.
Required properties:
- compatible: must be "ti,c64x+emifa", "simple-bus"
- reg: register area base and size
- #address-cells: must be 2 (chip-select + offset)
- #size-cells: must be 1
- ranges: mapping from EMIFA space to parent space
Optional properties:
- ti,dscr-dev-enable: Device ID if EMIF is enabled/disabled from DSCR
- ti,emifa-burst-priority:
Number of memory transfers after which the EMIF will elevate the priority
of the oldest command in the command FIFO. Setting this field to 255
disables this feature, thereby allowing old commands to stay in the FIFO
- ti,emifa-ce-config:
Configuration values for each of the supported chip selects.
emifa@70000000 {
compatible = "ti,c64x+emifa", "simple-bus";
#address-cells = <2>;
#size-cells = <1>;
reg = <0x70000000 0x100>;
ranges = <0x2 0x0 0xa0000000 0x00000008
0x3 0x0 0xb0000000 0x00400000
0x4 0x0 0xc0000000 0x10000000
0x5 0x0 0xD0000000 0x10000000>;
ti,dscr-dev-enable = <13>;
ti,emifa-burst-priority = <255>;
ti,emifa-ce-config = <0x00240120
flash@3,0 {
#address-cells = <1>;
#size-cells = <1>;
compatible = "cfi-flash";
reg = <0x3 0x0 0x400000>;
bank-width = <1>;
device-width = <1>;
partition@0 {
reg = <0x0 0x400000>;
label = "NOR";
This shows a flash chip attached to chip select 3.