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* SM SM501
The SM SM501 is a LCD controller, with proper hardware, it can also
drive DVI monitors.
Required properties:
- compatible : should be "smi,sm501".
- reg : contain two entries:
- First entry: System Configuration register
- Second entry: IO space (Display Controller register)
- interrupts : SMI interrupt to the cpu should be described here.
- interrupt-parent : the phandle for the interrupt controller that
services interrupts for this device.
Optional properties:
- mode : select a video mode:
- edid : verbatim EDID data block describing attached display.
Data from the detailed timing descriptor will be used to
program the display controller.
- little-endian: available on big endian systems, to
set different foreign endian.
- big-endian: available on little endian systems, to
set different foreign endian.
Example for MPC5200:
display@1,0 {
compatible = "smi,sm501";
reg = <1 0x00000000 0x00800000
1 0x03e00000 0x00200000>;
interrupts = <1 1 3>;
mode = "640x480-32@60";
edid = [edid-data];