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config DM
bool "Enable Driver Model"
This config option enables Driver Model. This brings in the core
support, including scanning of platform data on start-up. If
CONFIG_OF_CONTROL is enabled, the device tree will be scanned also
when available.
config SPL_DM
bool "Enable Driver Model for SPL"
depends on DM && SPL
Enable driver model in SPL. You will need to provide a
suitable malloc() implementation. If you are not using the
full malloc() enabled by CONFIG_SYS_SPL_MALLOC_START,
consider using CONFIG_SYS_MALLOC_SIMPLE. In that case you
must provide CONFIG_SYS_MALLOC_F_LEN to set the size.
In most cases driver model will only allocate a few uclasses
and devices in SPL, so 1KB should be enable. See
CONFIG_SYS_MALLOC_F_LEN for more details on how to enable it.
config DM_WARN
bool "Enable warnings in driver model"
depends on DM
default y
The dm_warn() function can use up quite a bit of space for its
strings. By default this is disabled for SPL builds to save space.
This will cause dm_warn() to be compiled out - it will do nothing
when called.
bool "Support device removal"
depends on DM
default y
We can save some code space by dropping support for removing a
device. This is not normally required in SPL, so by default this
option is disabled for SPL.
config DM_STDIO
bool "Support stdio registration"
depends on DM
default y
Normally serial drivers register with stdio so that they can be used
as normal output devices. In SPL we don't normally use stdio, so
we can omit this feature.