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Work_92105 from Work Microwave is an LPC3250- based board with the
following features:
- 1 GB SLC NAND, managed through MLC controller.
- Ethernet
- Ethernet + PHY SMSC8710
- I2C:
- EEPROM (24M01-compatible)
- RTC (DS1374-compatible)
- Temperature sensor (DS620)
- DACs (2 x MAX518)
- SPI (through SSP interface)
- Port expander MAX6957
- LCD display (HD44780-compatible), controlled
through the port expander and DACs
Standard SPL and U-Boot binaries
The default 'make' (or the 'make all') command will produce the
following files:
1. spl/u-boot-spl.bin SPL, intended to run from SRAM at address 0.
This file can be loaded in SRAM through a JTAG
debugger or through the LPC32XX Service Boot
2. u-boot.bin The raw U-Boot image, which can be loaded in
DDR through a JTAG debugger (for instance by
breaking SPL after DDR init), or by a running
U-Boot through e.g. 'loady' or 'tftp' and then
executed with 'go'.
3. u-boot.img A U-Boot image with a mkimage header prepended.
SPL assumes (even when loaded through JTAG or
Service Boot) that such an image will be found
at offset 0x00040000 in NAND.
NAND cold-boot binaries
The board can boot entirely from power-on with only SPL and U-Boot in
NAND. The LPC32XX-specific 'make lpc32xx-full.bin' command will produce
(in addition to spl/u-boot-spl.bin and u-boot.img if they were not made
already) the following files:
4. lpc32xx-spl.img spl/u-boot-spl.bin, with a LPC32XX boot header
prepended. This header is required for the ROM
code to load SPL into SRAM and branch into it.
The content of this file is expected to reside
in NAND at addresses 0x00000000 and 0x00020000
(two copies).
5. lpc32xx-boot-0.bin lpc32xx-spl.img, padded with 0xFF bytes to a
size of 0x20000 bytes. This file covers exactly
the reserved area for the first bootloader copy
in NAND.
6. lpc32xx-boot-1.bin Same as lpc32xx-boot-0.bin. This is intended to
be used as the second bootloader copy.
7. lpc32xx-full.bin lpc32xx-boot-0.bin, lpc32xx-boot-1.bin and
u-boot.img concatenated. This file represents
the content of whole bootloader as present in
NAND at offset 00x00000000.
Flashing instructions
The following assumes a working U-Boot on the target, with the ability
to load files into DDR.
To update the whole bootloader:
nand erase 0x00000000 0x80000
(load lpc32xx-full.bin at location $loadaddr)
nand write $loadaddr 0x00000000 $filesize
To update SPL only (note the double nand write) :
nand erase 0x00000000 0x40000
(load lpc32xx-spl.img or lpc32xx-boot-N.bin at location $loadaddr)
nand write $loadaddr 0x00000000 $filesize
nand write $loadaddr 0x00020000 $filesize
To update U-Boot only:
nand erase 0x00040000 0x40000
(load u-boot.img at location $loadaddr)
nand write $loadaddr 0x00040000 $filesize