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#include "../aml_vcodec_drv.h"
#include "../utils/common.h"
#include "../utils/pixfmt.h"
/* Start codes. */
#define SEQ_END_CODE 0x000001b7
#define SEQ_START_CODE 0x000001b3
#define GOP_START_CODE 0x000001b8
#define PICTURE_START_CODE 0x00000100
#define SLICE_MIN_START_CODE 0x00000101
#define SLICE_MAX_START_CODE 0x000001af
#define EXT_START_CODE 0x000001b5
#define USER_START_CODE 0x000001b2
#define SLICE_START_CODE 0x000001b7
enum AVFieldOrder {
AV_FIELD_TT, //< Top coded_first, top displayed first
AV_FIELD_BB, //< Bottom coded first, bottom displayed first
AV_FIELD_TB, //< Top coded first, bottom displayed first
AV_FIELD_BT, //< Bottom coded first, top displayed first
struct MpvParseContext {
struct AVRational frame_rate;
int progressive_sequence;
int width, height;
int repeat_pict; /* XXX: Put it back in AVCodecContext. */
int pict_type; /* XXX: Put it back in AVCodecContext. */
enum AVFieldOrder field_order;
int format;
* Dimensions of the coded video.
int coded_width;
int coded_height;
* For some codecs, the time base is closer to the field rate than the frame rate.
* Most notably, H.264 and MPEG-2 specify time_base as half of frame duration
* if no telecine is used ...
* Set to time_base ticks per frame. Default 1, e.g., H.264/MPEG-2 set it to 2.
int ticks_per_frame;
* Size of the frame reordering buffer in the decoder.
* For MPEG-2 it is 1 IPB or 0 low delay IP.
* - encoding: Set by libavcodec.
* - decoding: Set by libavcodec.
int has_b_frames;
* - decoding: For codecs that store a framerate value in the compressed
* bitstream, the decoder may export it here. { 0, 1} when
* unknown.
* - encoding: May be used to signal the framerate of CFR content to an
* encoder.
struct AVRational framerate;
struct mpeg12_param_sets {
bool head_parsed;
/* currently active parameter sets */
struct MpvParseContext dec_ps;
int mpeg12_decode_extradata_ps(u8 *buf, int size, struct mpeg12_param_sets *ps);
inline int mpeg12_decode_extradata_ps(u8 *buf, int size, struct mpeg12_param_sets *ps) { return -1; }