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* drivers/amvdec_ports/decoder/aml_vp9_parser.h
* Copyright (C) 2015 Amlogic, Inc. All rights reserved.
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
* the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
* (at your option) any later version.
* This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT
* ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or
* FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for
* more details.
#ifndef AML_VP9_PARSER_H
#define AML_VP9_PARSER_H
#include "../aml_vcodec_drv.h"
#include "../utils/pixfmt.h"
#include "../utils/get_bits.h"
#define MAX_SEGMENT 8
struct VP9BitstreamHeader {
// bitstream header
u8 profile;
u8 bpp;
u8 keyframe;
u8 invisible;
u8 errorres;
u8 intraonly;
u8 resetctx;
u8 refreshrefmask;
u8 highprecisionmvs;
u8 allowcompinter;
u8 refreshctx;
u8 parallelmode;
u8 framectxid;
u8 use_last_frame_mvs;
u8 refidx[3];
u8 signbias[3];
u8 fixcompref;
u8 varcompref[2];
struct {
u8 level;
char sharpness;
} filter;
struct {
u8 enabled;
u8 updated;
char mode[2];
char ref[4];
} lf_delta;
u8 yac_qi;
char ydc_qdelta, uvdc_qdelta, uvac_qdelta;
u8 lossless;
struct {
u8 enabled;
u8 temporal;
u8 absolute_vals;
u8 update_map;
u8 prob[7];
u8 pred_prob[3];
struct {
u8 q_enabled;
u8 lf_enabled;
u8 ref_enabled;
u8 skip_enabled;
u8 ref_val;
int16_t q_val;
char lf_val;
int16_t qmul[2][2];
u8 lflvl[4][2];
} feat[MAX_SEGMENT];
} segmentation;
struct {
u32 log2_tile_cols, log2_tile_rows;
u32 tile_cols, tile_rows;
} tiling;
int uncompressed_header_size;
int compressed_header_size;
struct VP9SharedContext {
struct VP9BitstreamHeader h;
//struct ThreadFrame refs[8];
#define CUR_FRAME 0
//struct VP9Frame frames[3];
struct VP9Context {
struct VP9SharedContext s;
struct get_bits_context gb;
int pass, active_tile_cols;
u8 ss_h, ss_v;
u8 last_bpp, bpp_index, bytesperpixel;
u8 last_keyframe;
// sb_cols/rows, rows/cols and last_fmt are used for allocating all internal
// arrays, and are thus per-thread. w/h and gf_fmt are synced between threads
// and are therefore per-stream. pix_fmt represents the value in the header
// of the currently processed frame.
int width;
int height;
int render_width;
int render_height;
enum AVPixelFormat pix_fmt, last_fmt, gf_fmt;
u32 sb_cols, sb_rows, rows, cols;
struct {
u8 lim_lut[64];
u8 mblim_lut[64];
} filter_lut;
struct {
u8 coef[4][2][2][6][6][3];
} prob_ctx[4];
struct {
u8 coef[4][2][2][6][6][11];
} prob;
// contextual (above) cache
u8 *above_partition_ctx;
u8 *above_mode_ctx;
// FIXME maybe merge some of the below in a flags field?
u8 *above_y_nnz_ctx;
u8 *above_uv_nnz_ctx[2];
u8 *above_skip_ctx; // 1bit
u8 *above_txfm_ctx; // 2bit
u8 *above_segpred_ctx; // 1bit
u8 *above_intra_ctx; // 1bit
u8 *above_comp_ctx; // 1bit
u8 *above_ref_ctx; // 2bit
u8 *above_filter_ctx;
// whole-frame cache
u8 *intra_pred_data[3];
// block reconstruction intermediates
int block_alloc_using_2pass;
uint16_t mvscale[3][2];
u8 mvstep[3][2];
struct vp9_superframe_split {
/*in data*/
u8 *data;
u32 data_size;
/*out data*/
int nb_frames;
int size;
int next_frame;
u32 next_frame_offset;
int prefix_size;
int sizes[8];
struct vp9_param_sets {
bool head_parsed;
struct VP9Context ctx;
int vp9_superframe_split_filter(struct vp9_superframe_split *s);
int vp9_decode_extradata_ps(u8 *data, int size, struct vp9_param_sets *ps);
inline int vp9_decode_extradata_ps(u8 *data, int size, struct vp9_param_sets *ps) { return -1; }
#endif //AML_VP9_PARSER_H