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* UPnP for WPS / internal definitions
* Copyright (c) 2000-2003 Intel Corporation
* Copyright (c) 2006-2007 Sony Corporation
* Copyright (c) 2008-2009 Atheros Communications
* Copyright (c) 2009, Jouni Malinen <>
* See wps_upnp.c for more details on licensing and code history.
#ifndef WPS_UPNP_I_H
#define WPS_UPNP_I_H
#include "utils/list.h"
#include "http.h"
#define UPNP_MULTICAST_ADDRESS "" /* for UPnP multicasting */
#define UPNP_MULTICAST_PORT 1900 /* UDP port to monitor for UPnP */
/* min subscribe time per UPnP standard */
/* subscribe time we use */
/* "filenames" used in URLs that we service via our "web server": */
#define UPNP_WPS_DEVICE_XML_FILE "wps_device.xml"
#define UPNP_WPS_SCPD_XML_FILE "wps_scpd.xml"
#define UPNP_WPS_DEVICE_CONTROL_FILE "wps_control"
#define UPNP_WPS_DEVICE_EVENT_FILE "wps_event"
#define MULTICAST_MAX_READ 1600 /* max bytes we'll read for UPD request */
struct upnp_wps_device_sm;
struct wps_registrar;
enum advertisement_type_enum {
* Advertisements are broadcast via UDP NOTIFYs, and are also the essence of
* the reply to UDP M-SEARCH requests. This struct handles both cases.
* A state machine is needed because a number of variant forms must be sent in
* separate packets and spread out in time to avoid congestion.
struct advertisement_state_machine {
struct dl_list list;
enum advertisement_type_enum type;
int state;
int nerrors;
struct sockaddr_in client; /* for M-SEARCH replies */
* An address of a subscriber (who may have multiple addresses). We are
* supposed to send (via TCP) updates to each subscriber, trying each address
* for a subscriber until we find one that seems to work.
struct subscr_addr {
struct dl_list list;
char *domain_and_port; /* domain and port part of url */
char *path; /* "filepath" part of url (from "mem") */
struct sockaddr_in saddr; /* address for doing connect */
unsigned num_failures;
* Subscribers to our events are recorded in this struct. This includes a max
* of one outgoing connection (sending an "event message") per subscriber. We
* also have to age out subscribers unless they renew.
struct subscription {
struct dl_list list;
struct upnp_wps_device_sm *sm; /* parent */
time_t timeout_time; /* when to age out the subscription */
unsigned next_subscriber_sequence; /* number our messages */
* This uuid identifies the subscription and is randomly generated by
* us and given to the subscriber when the subscription is accepted;
* and is then included with each event sent to the subscriber.
u8 uuid[UUID_LEN];
/* Linked list of address alternatives (rotate through on failure) */
struct dl_list addr_list;
struct dl_list event_queue; /* Queued event messages. */
struct wps_event_ *current_event; /* non-NULL if being sent (not in q)
int last_event_failed; /* Whether delivery of last event failed */
/* Information from SetSelectedRegistrar action */
u8 selected_registrar;
u16 dev_password_id;
u16 config_methods;
u8 authorized_macs[WPS_MAX_AUTHORIZED_MACS][ETH_ALEN];
struct wps_registrar *reg;
struct upnp_wps_device_interface {
struct dl_list list;
struct upnp_wps_device_ctx *ctx; /* callback table */
struct wps_context *wps;
void *priv;
/* FIX: maintain separate structures for each UPnP peer */
struct upnp_wps_peer peer;
* Our instance data corresponding to the AP device. Note that there may be
* multiple wireless interfaces sharing the same UPnP device instance. Each
* such interface is stored in the list of struct upnp_wps_device_interface
* instances.
* This is known as an opaque struct declaration to users of the WPS UPnP code.
struct upnp_wps_device_sm {
struct dl_list interfaces; /* struct upnp_wps_device_interface */
char *root_dir;
char *desc_url;
int started; /* nonzero if we are active */
u8 mac_addr[ETH_ALEN]; /* mac addr of network i.f. we use */
char *ip_addr_text; /* IP address of network i.f. we use */
unsigned ip_addr; /* IP address of network i.f. we use (host order) */
int multicast_sd; /* send multicast messages over this socket */
int ssdp_sd; /* receive discovery UPD packets on socket */
int ssdp_sd_registered; /* nonzero if we must unregister */
unsigned advertise_count; /* how many advertisements done */
struct advertisement_state_machine advertisement;
struct dl_list msearch_replies;
int web_port; /* our port that others get xml files from */
struct http_server *web_srv;
/* Note: subscriptions are kept in expiry order */
struct dl_list subscriptions;
int event_send_all_queued; /* if we are scheduled to send events soon
char *wlanevent; /* the last WLANEvent data */
enum upnp_wps_wlanevent_type wlanevent_type;
os_time_t last_event_sec;
unsigned int num_events_in_sec;
/* wps_upnp.c */
void format_date(struct wpabuf *buf);
struct subscription * subscription_start(struct upnp_wps_device_sm *sm,
const char *callback_urls);
struct subscription * subscription_renew(struct upnp_wps_device_sm *sm,
const u8 uuid[UUID_LEN]);
void subscription_destroy(struct subscription *s);
struct subscription * subscription_find(struct upnp_wps_device_sm *sm,
const u8 uuid[UUID_LEN]);
void subscr_addr_delete(struct subscr_addr *a);
int send_wpabuf(int fd, struct wpabuf *buf);
int get_netif_info(const char *net_if, unsigned *ip_addr, char **ip_addr_text,
u8 mac[ETH_ALEN]);
/* wps_upnp_ssdp.c */
void msearchreply_state_machine_stop(struct advertisement_state_machine *a);
int advertisement_state_machine_start(struct upnp_wps_device_sm *sm);
void advertisement_state_machine_stop(struct upnp_wps_device_sm *sm,
int send_byebye);
void ssdp_listener_stop(struct upnp_wps_device_sm *sm);
int ssdp_listener_start(struct upnp_wps_device_sm *sm);
int ssdp_listener_open(void);
int add_ssdp_network(const char *net_if);
int ssdp_open_multicast_sock(u32 ip_addr);
int ssdp_open_multicast(struct upnp_wps_device_sm *sm);
/* wps_upnp_web.c */
int web_listener_start(struct upnp_wps_device_sm *sm);
void web_listener_stop(struct upnp_wps_device_sm *sm);
/* wps_upnp_event.c */
int event_add(struct subscription *s, const struct wpabuf *data, int probereq);
void event_delete_all(struct subscription *s);
void event_send_all_later(struct upnp_wps_device_sm *sm);
void event_send_stop_all(struct upnp_wps_device_sm *sm);
/* wps_upnp_ap.c */
int upnp_er_set_selected_registrar(struct wps_registrar *reg,
struct subscription *s,
const struct wpabuf *msg);
void upnp_er_remove_notification(struct wps_registrar *reg,
struct subscription *s);
#endif /* WPS_UPNP_I_H */