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* LPC32xx GPIO interface
* (C) Copyright 2014 DENX Software Engineering GmbH
* Written-by: Albert ARIBAUD <>
* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0+
* GPIO Register map for LPC32xx
struct gpio_regs {
u32 p3_inp_state;
u32 p3_outp_set;
u32 p3_outp_clr;
u32 p3_outp_state;
/* Watch out! the following are shared between p2 and p3 */
u32 p2_p3_dir_set;
u32 p2_p3_dir_clr;
u32 p2_p3_dir_state;
/* Now back to 'one register for one port' */
u32 p2_inp_state;
u32 p2_outp_set;
u32 p2_outp_clr;
u32 reserved1[6];
u32 p0_inp_state;
u32 p0_outp_set;
u32 p0_outp_clr;
u32 p0_outp_state;
u32 p0_dir_set;
u32 p0_dir_clr;
u32 p0_dir_state;
u32 reserved2;
u32 p1_inp_state;
u32 p1_outp_set;
u32 p1_outp_clr;
u32 p1_outp_state;
u32 p1_dir_set;
u32 p1_dir_clr;
u32 p1_dir_state;